short but sweet.
I lost a few hours last week due to the rain [and a little bit of laziness].
This week was a rest week so instead I ran 10km on Wednesday – just checking back it is the

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I am seriously proud of myself. To achieve the 8,800m of climbing in the 9 days was no mean feet. It did…

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The bug has returned. With a solid commitment to three strava challenges it sore [excuse the pun] me out lots on the weekend. a good quick effort ….

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Things have flown. There has been significant changes and hurdles over the last 4 months. From family health to just plain family, work and redundancy to fitness and riding – all things have been a blender of emotions that seems to be on pulse the majority of the time. Not a lot of control from where I am sitting has caused a whirl wind of head strain that hasn’t really placed me in a space that happiness is at the surface of the mixture being blended.

Riding is erratic at the least. Just coming off a 5-6 week rest after a confirmed breaking of ribs 5 and 6 on the right [possibly 7] today I race WSMTB 2014 Rnd 5 at Yellomundee. Just getting out was enough and the results are sad but honest to my current state. My last race was Rnd 3 and this time some how I was in total 2 minute quicker. Still as slow as shit but at least I finished in one piece with only the smallest of grazes on my nose from that shitty hanging privot bush at the fish bowl… grrrrrr.
oh, and a sore ankle. No idea even how that occured.

I am still contracting and the rate is just dismal. Less that what I was earning about 5 years ago so that issue needs to be sorted asap and I am hoping this week will bring greater light on the job front.

Attempting to gain hours in the saddle is so difficult and any form of gym atm is virtually impossible. Last week Wednesday was a 13.5 hr working day with 5hrs travel in total either side. Just shocking.

I was so happy with Saturday. I left work a little late Friday and committed to a Saturday morning ride. It was cold at best with an average of just over 3C but being out for the 1.5hrs was priceless.

There are no excuses.
The trainer is set up. I have unlimited gym membership.

There is little to no time to sort out my fitness before the Mont. It’s really just up to me

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Last night I spent a bit of time installing the cadence sensor on Dale. I have had the equipment for some time but just hadn’t made the investment in time to set it up and install it on the bike.

It was an easy job, although there is a slight issue with the size of the bladed spokes and the magneto sensor. I will do some investigation to see if there is an alternative. I do have a spare magnet anyway and I think The Grind is one of the better test to see if the setup is stable and efficient. It worked perfect and with some slight calculations it works out that I rotate the cranks some 12,798 times. It is almost unbelievable when you put the numbers together.

The ride it self was shit. I was so slow, in pain and suffer more than most times I ride The Grind. Pretty unhappy all round, although I had completed a S1 at the gym the day before hand it still equates to way too much time of the bike during the tooth issues.

I do think I can recover quickly and form should return soon. It was just disappointing. Back to the gym tomorrow anyway for the S2 session.

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