92km make up ride


this last week has been the worst weather wise in around 14 years … if not longer. the gates are open at the dam and yarramundee bridge is under and cut off. it been insane the rain and its taken its toll on everyone. luckily i was on a recover week and felt ok with not riding to work. also the girl is still un-rideable with the pedal not fixed yet.

stromlo has played on my mind all week. i’m not pissed off just upset i didn’t get to complete the race. with that i made it a mission to make sure the rear tire was fully tubeless by the end of the weekend and after a trip to chruchy’s + 2 full cups of stans it did end up holding air.

i had plans all week to get out on the MTB on sunday no matter what. i realised now – again after stromlo – it’s just to easy to use the roadie. i need to make an effort more often to put in some serious KM on carbo. the oaks deals with water really well so i ended up riding up to woodford, down to the cause way, back up to woodford and home again.

just call me nigel

from the get go my legs were sore. not sure why, possibly the lack of much training this week – 1 x swim, 1 x stretching session only but i managed to fight my inner demons and complete the full ride. it was the climb to the helipad that hurt the most but over all i’m pretty pleased with what was a solid 92km. i think i tend to forget sometimes how much effort i am putting in… thats almost like a dirtworks ride.

causeway fullish

it was also a bit of a nutritional experiment. my stomach was a bit sore and i don’t know if that was food or what but i ate
1 x nutella sandwich [1 slice of bread] at the helipad
1 x nutella sandwich [1 slice of bread] at the causeway
1 x winners bar on the return at the helipad
after our week of discussion about nutrition i was surprised this was actually enough food, although when i made it home i was pretty hungry.

good ride and a good effort and happy i also made 98% of the 5 hr week.

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