Time and effort

again discussions of not updating play within my brain. Things are chaotic for work, long hours – many stresses and not a lot of personal time.
Train rides are catching up on sleep, well probably best put as recharging.
Commuting via pedals happen but rarer than often.
I am felling sick for the one of the few times this year and I know it is stress and overworking related. I rode Saturday with Churchy and did a longer ride that I hadn’t planned for well at all. Not enough food with 2 bottles of electrolyte rather than at least one of perpetum had me in a box, a bad box on the return home. I’m pretty sure that triggered my illness.

Still, the Long Angle and coathanger sequence was bloody good. The RLT is always on my goto list now but again another flat tire killed the joy. I need a second set of wheels set up tubeless sooner rather than later.