silly season

yep, again that season and time where I have just moved away from documenting anything. Work again has been OOC – pitched for QANTAS and lost, busy all round and all that usual nuttyness I seam to be attracting more often than not.

I haven’t really been riding at all. I focused on the house of late and created a bit 1/4ish change to the back yard. I had the vision for such a long time but just haven’t found the time but over the last two weekends I gave the pedals a rest and put the tradie cap on and worked on fixing up the back corner. The plan is simple to move the cloths line away from the middle rear flat area so I can put in some serious veggie patches, then create a “no mow/ minimal effort” area out the back to give access to the new cloths line point and help manage the lack of time I have to spend gardening.

The result atm is fucken awesome. The deck is in and as solid as fuck! I just need a few more lengths to finish the edging and it is totally complete. It will be a floating spotted gum dual platform that will lead out to the cloths line and be cloaked in native grasses and other appropriate native fauna.

Lach finishes primary school next week. Wow the boys have grown so quick… or am I getting older much quicker?

Tomorrow I should be doing the fortnightly City Folk CP laps with Kim and everyone. I will take the YiCamera in and see what kind of pics I can capture. can’t wait to get my pedal back on this weekend.