City Folk and Ando’s


With such a super short time until the Audax [Yep I am doing the Audax next year] I need to pull my finger out of my arse and get some serious KM’s in. To finish the week we did our fortnightly City Folk ride from work to CP on Friday. Laps then beers is the best way to finish any week off. The effort v’s return is still difficult to justify but I will continue with it. It’s way to much fun.

This week we rolled out of work, after Kim found a slow leak, at just after 5pm. We met up with his mate Mikey and did a total of 8 laps. Enough, just, but I would really like to get a full 60-80km in to make it worth all the effort. Fabs met up with us on the last lap and joined us for a couple of beers at Gallagher’s in the back lot. We are hoping for a lot more riders in the new year. This is now going to “be a thing” – so good!

Saturday was a sleep in and a needed rest. I woke at 10:30! biggest sleep in for the year. I wrote the day off and focused on Sunday for a massive hit out. I organised to catch up with churchy and do Ando’s + Oaks but it turned out to just be Ando’s with GHS thrown in to make the 100km ride.

We rode up to King tablelands but on the way I ended up with a massive piece of glass in the rear tire. I replace the tube only to have the tube explode more than likely due to bad seating on the rim. Fortunately I had a second tube with me but it did put a complete damper on the rest of the ride. I had to be super careful not to blow another tube.

We smashed Ando’s but I still didn’t even have close to enough in the tank to climb out. Churchy flew off and took a full 5 minutes off my pathetic ascent time. FARK i need to get my shit back in order.

I did hit the full 100km which was a bit of a milestone for this year. I haven’t been as prolific with the longer rides at all and it shows. I will be ramping it up until the Audax… I have to it is seriously going to be horrible if I don’t