AMB100 – Hot but completed

The AMB100 every years is a bit of a staple diet now. I think I have competed in everyone of them and almost every year it is scorching hot, dusty but worth every part of the pain involved.

This year Trieu intended on riding down with Lorday but unfortunately that didn’t happen so it ended up us all driving down on Saturday. With Trieu already sorting out accommodation it ended up 5 guys in the cabin with just enough room but still an awesome weekend away on bikes.

James needed to ride Stromlo as well so contacted him and made sure he came down as well. He was at the end of the weekend blow away by Stromlo but was also completely spent due to the heat.

Ryan came down with Trieu and Churchy and I met up midday Saturday and drove down together in the crown. We all met at Stromlo for a ride before heading out to dinner then back to the cabin. James had done a couple of runs, Trieu and Ryan as well so when churchy and I arrived late in the arvo it was just us two who hit the trails for a quick reece ride.

Atom was amazing with big rubber and new wheels so this had me smashing out a series of PR’s all across the ride. I was so happy with the short arvo ride. We then took off and grabbed our now usual lebanese dinner [which was way too much food really].

James and I volunteered to grabs some beer and this gave me the amazing opportunity to drive his new S3 Audi. OMFG that thing is a complete weapon. So understated outside but performance and driving it is just off the rails. I want one but that ain’t going to happen considering the price they fetch.

I slept reasonably on Saturday night and we all rose early and made our way to the race start. Arriving with not a great deal of time but a perfect amount to just get ready then riders briefing and start.

The race itself was as per usual. Long, hot and very very challenging. I was riding 32 x 20 which I feel is the perfect gearing for stromlo because I very rarely spin out but still seem to be able to climb MOST hills. Not that fucker out back up to skyline though… grrr that hill sucks!

Lap one I did in a very respectable 1:35:xx time so lap two I rolled out with Trieu and decided I needed to settle into a pace if I wanted to finish the third lap. I ended up dropping back from trieu about 1/3 of the way in but felt it was right for me to do so.

I made sure I didn’t make any of those dumb mistakes like drinking at the wrong time, all those fatigue things that bring you unstuck and create crashes. I finished lap 2 much slower but still new I had enough left in the tank to complete the final lap 3.

James was at transition and thought Churchy went to do a piss and was still going to go out again for his 3rd lap. Little did we all know he really had just grabbed his bottle and went down to sit in the shade and call it a day due to fatigue, health and the heat.

I rode off for the final lap and it was one of those lonely in the box moments where you do question your sanity. I thought there was a chance I wouldn’t bother finishing but some how pushed through it all and just finished the lap slowly.

It was fucken hot, I was fucken tired but I was fucken happy I completed the race again. I learnt also that the cabin is the future of racing at stromlo. Camping is great but we always end up with some kind of massive spread of shit that takes hours to clean up.

My results were ok but not great. I didn’t have any other riders in my 100km SS category so they put me in amongst the Masters. I finished 10th out of 13 finishes and that doesn’t include the 3 that didn’t finish.
That put me in 29th overall out of the 55 starters.

Happy – Yes. I will be back next year for sure.